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#College #Admissions and #holidays: Let’s align them and have one “Show your love day” #emchat



It’s high time we align our holidays and the college admissions process

As we approach St. Valentine’s Day, which is one of the stranger holidays we celebrate, I think those of us working in college admissions counseling should think seriously about giving more meaning to the day we celebrate on February 14.

I’d like to propose that we align Valentine’s Day (February 14) with National Candidate’s Reply Day (May 1). I’m serious (sort of).

Now, I know there will be objections about this dramatic acceleration of the college choice timetable. I’ll hear about student stress, workload and impracticality. Someone will probably complain to NACAC’s Admissions Practices Committee that I am undermining the Statement of Principles and Good Practices. I know this won’t be easy.  However, after more than twenty year in college admissions, I think there is some value to aligning the days on which we tell each other we’re in love with each other.

Maybe focusing on just one big day—the day we tell everyone who we love—will reduce stress. Deciding students can tell a sweetheart of their undying love and can send their enrollment deposit to the college of their choice. Let’s make this easier.

What do you think admissions and college counseling friends?

Can we make this work? Can Valentine’s Day and National Candidates’ Reply Date be combined into “Show your love day?” (Maybe some of you have more creative ideas for the name of the day; I am open to ideas).

I think we can do this.

Think about the benefits. Students get a jumpstart on securing a prom date by declaring their love in February—well before they would otherwise. And, we all (admissions officers, students, and college counselors) can enjoy the spring, which such a lovely time of year.

I also have some new design ideas to secure enrollment…think about the possibilities of asking someone to show your college some love on “Show your love day?”


W. Kent Barnds @bowtieadmission

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