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Good Fit Scholarship Recipients Announced: People Choice Gets Nearly 6,000 Votes #admission, #scholarships, #socialmedia, #highered

For the past several years Augustana College has been sponsoring one of the niftiest scholarship competitions in the nation; The Good Fit contest.

The scholarship competition is pretty straightforward. We give students who visit campus and Augustana tee-shirt and then provide with some general guidelines about where we’d like to see them in an Augie tee-shirt. The submissions are always great and have ranged from the site where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address in Gettysburg, PA, to country fairs and the Super Bowl Village, to photos of prospective students on rival campuses.

Last night we announced the winners for the year (all listed below) and I think the photos are just great and capture exactly what we want from this contest…creativity, initiative and a whole lot of fun.

We have winners in the following areas for the Good Fit T-shirt Contest, you can see their submissions at  www.augustana.edu/goodfit


  • Action Shot winner
  • At Another College winner
  • In a Famous Location winner:
  • With an Alum winner
  • People’s Choice winner with nearly 6,000 votes

Check out the photos at www.augustana.edu/goodfit

I would be remiss if I did not mention that the people’s choice winner this year  received nearly 6,000 votes. WOW!!!

The credit for this idea goes to Meghan Cooley, director of recruitment communication, and the rest of the admissions staff at Augustana College.

What are your thoughts about this contest?

W. Kent Barnds @bowtieadmission